Key Figures

AUVERGNE RHÔNE-ALPES REGION is the strategic Industrial region in FRANCE and the second region in terms of Innovation.

The Lyon Metropole Chamber of Commerce & Industry has identified more than 220 companies in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes covering the entire Offshore Onshore Energy value chain through various sectors: metallurgy, mechanical, chemical, electronical, digital, engineering….

According to a regional field survey made by the Chamber Of Commerce & Industry with its partner UIMM (Metallurgie Rhodanienne), administered to 100 regional companies representing a turnover of 4 billion euros, nearly 1 billion in the Offshore segment, 12,000 local jobs, and 50% of the turnover for SMEs is from the export market and 80% for medium sized companies.

RACE, a cluster which came from the field

In 2015, after 520 BtoB meetings between the future RACE Members, these cutting edge companies realized they didn’t know each other before, whereas they had a lot of complementary technologies and services in Offshore Onshore Energy sectors. By the way, the task force of those state-of-the art companies were not identified and visible.
The survey and the RACE cluster revealed the existence of a full Offshore Onshore Energy Value Chain in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region. The development of Race’s members is a very important contribution to the French sector.