A word from the RACE President

 As a very small company or a subsidiary of a large group, we are passionate about our business. Our common  aim is to sustain our company’s growth in the fast-moving world of Energy, which is in full transition (O&G vs Renewable),

 For example, SOFRESID has 50 years experience in multi-discipline engineering, multi-business and multi-location. My objective is to bring that state of mind, spirit and culture of sharing to other companies in my own town or area.

 Sharing knowledge and joining forces, RACE aims to become the network that brings people together, creates synergies, inspires and stimulates partnerships to offer competitive expanded or packaged services, to increasingly demanding customers.

 Our experience and skill in O&G are proven and we know how to implement them in the existing ecosystems of New Energy Technologies, including renewable marine, offshore wind or tidal energies.

 RACE is striving to become a key player in the development and appeal of companies that are proudly demonstrating a preference for Regional Excellence.

 RACE members shall not do business abroad alone, but will always find a partner who has the best contact, the local distributor, the technology, specific experience and, finally, the added value required to counter aggressive foreign competition.

 The RACE website aims to enhance members’ visibility among the Majors in Oil & Gas and Energy.

 Alone we travel faster, together we go further.

Members of RACE, feel free to express and share your ideas and enable this group to act positively.

 patrick pose

Patrick Jouffray –RACE President
SOFRESID Engineering Lyon